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About Monticello High School

Monticello is the final destination of all Southern Feeder Pattern middle and elementary schools.

Monticello's Making

Founded in 1998, Monticello High School serves 1,096 students in grades nine through twelve with a faculty and staff of 161 members, including 4 administrators, 93 teachers, 10 teaching assistants, 6 School Counselors, 4 Instructional Coaches, 11 Office Staff, and other employees in Building Services and Food Services. 

Named for Thomas Jefferson's historical mountainside estate, "Monticello" means "little mountain" in Old Italian. The urban school is located on 70 acres not far from its namesake in the Scottsville District off of Route 20. The facilities are expansive, with a 500-seat forum, 850-seat auditorium, track stadium, weight-lifting room, photography lab, and plenty of band, art, and choral rooms. 

Monticello offers career and technical education programs, which seek to combine core curriculum subjects with courses emphasizing occupational skills, including anything from technical drawing to television production. Students are privy to cooperative educational programs with Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC) and a state-of-the-art Monticello website, which provides links where students can access a guide to relieving test-time panic, learn to create graphs with online tools, and more. 

Students may choose from a wide array of extra-curricular activities, such as the unique Air Force Junior ROTC program, or one of 10 honor societies. Monticello is also the only high school in Albemarle County that has a completely student-run Shakespeare Company. Students continue to thrive in fine arts, career and technical education, and world languages. Each year, over 70 percent of students participate in our stellar athletic program, and hundreds participate in fine and performing arts and our school activities and clubs. Monticello offers an environment that is safe and conducive to learning. 

All students can come to our school and acquire the education, training, experience, and skills necessary to be prepared for life. Our school believes in making learning "irresistible" for students. Instruction focuses on preparing students for college and workforce readiness, in addition to skills necessary for effective and productive citizenship. We are dedicated and committed to moving forward by providing every student with innovative programs and challenging opportunities that address specific needs.​​​​​​