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Abruzzo, Julianne - English

Ahrens, Frankie - Fine and Performing Arts, Digital Imaging/Art

Alati, Tyne - Support Staff, Student Support Specialist

Alba-Cantone, Chris - Support Staff, Instructional Coach

Allen, Marianne - Support Staff, ABase TA

Avery, Erin - English

Ayres, Rob - Social Studies

Baber, Casandra - English

Badgley, Dawn - Support Staff, Cafeteria

Baker, Sarah - Support Staff, Fiscal Administrator

Bambury, Michelle - Math

Beglis, Christine - Special Education

Bender, Kathryn - Science

Bishop, Donna - Support Staff, Cafeteria

Bledsoe, Katie - Career Specialist

Booker, Gracie - Support Staff, Custodial Staff

Bowman, Stella - Support Staff, Substitute

Braxton, Latoya - Support Staff, Custodial Staff

Breakiron, Michaelle - Support Staff, CBase TA

Brown, Dan - Career Tech Ed

Carey, Andrew - Science

Chadwick, Heather - Media Center/Library, Chair

Childress, Kathy - Support Staff, Substitute

Clark, Bethany - Support Staff, Library TA

Clements, Kim - Support Staff, Main Office Associate

Cochran, Chris - Student Assistance Program/Region 10 Counselor  

Coiner, Jan - Support Staff, Main Office Manager

Coleman, Evan - Support Staff, Athletics Office Associate

Coleman, Pam - Support Staff, ESOL TA

Collier, Wes - World Languages

Conner, Adam - Special Education

Cooper, Nyesha - School Safety

Costa, Beth - Administration, 12th Grade - Principal

Csapo, Jennifer - English

Dawson, Anne - Science

Deegan, Shannon - English

DeStefano, Alfred - Math

Dove, Jeremy - Science, HMSA Director

Eads, Zac - Science

Eisenhauer, Jessica - Math, Chair

Eliason, Dean - English

Engel, Jane - Support Staff, Instructional Coach

Escobar, Marco - Fine and Performing Arts, Orchestra

Eubanks, Kimberly - Support Staff, Food Services Manager

Farley, Ian - Support Staff, Cafeteria

Faruque, Monique - Social Studies

Frazier, Derek - World Languages, Chair

Frimpong, Peter - Support Staff, Custodial Staff

Gahring, Phil - Special Education

Gamez-Chacon, Carlos - Support Staff, Custodial Staff

Garland, Leitress - Support Staff, Study Hall TA

Garland, Robert - Fine and Performing Arts, Chair, Photography

Gaskins, Laura - School Counselor, Hoe-Mel

Gentry, Brittany - School Counselor, Seb-Z, and AP Coordinator

Gibson, Garry - Technology Support Specialist

Goff, Erikka - Science

Goodin, Teresa - Talent Development Resource Teacher

Grady, Savion - School Safety

Green, Wendell - Administrator, 10th Grade

Hankins, Melissa - SOL Test and PSAT Coordinator  

Hatchett, Yulanda - Special Education

Heck, Keith - Support Staff, Custodial Staff

Hedberg, Jennifer - Career Tech Ed

Herman, Cynthia - Support Staff, CBase TA

Hermsmeier, Nathaniel - Math

Hicks, Matt - Social Studies

Jenkins, Connie - Support Staff, Counseling Office Associate

Jenson, Liz - Math

Johnson, Irvin - School Counseling Director, AVID

Johnson, Leta - Special Education

Keith, Barry - World Languages and ESOL

Keith, Claire - Math

Kelly, Mary - Special Education

Key, Bree- Support Staff, Student Support Specialist

Killham, Lisa - ESOL

Kinney, John - Special Education, Chair

Klobuchar, Tim - English

Knight, Virginia - ESOL

Koehler, Cameron - Social Studies

Kuehne, Nate - School Safety Coach

Loving, Paula - Special Education

Lundgren, Bre - Mental Health Counselor

MacDougall, Sharon - Support Staff, Database Administrator and Registrar

Manderfield, Claire - School Psychologist

Marrs, Amber - Support Staff, Attendance Office Associate

Martinez, Adrian - School Counselor, D-Hod

McCaskill, Beverley - World Languages

McClung, James - Math

McCrory, Mike - Math

McDaniel, Jon - PE/Health

McDonald, Dale - Support Staff, STEP/ISS

Meade, Jennifer - Fine and Performing Arts, Digital Imaging/Ceramics

Michel, Madeline - Fine and Performing Arts, Drama

Miller, Helen - Math

Miller, Sarah - Special Education

Monteiro, Rich - LTC (R), USA, Senior Instructor, JROTC

Morgan-Thomas, Kim - Special Education

Morris, Madisen - Support Staff, CBase TA

Muse, Teresa - Social Studies

Nagypaul, Kyrsten - World Languages

O'Brien, Bernice - Science

O’Leary, James - Social Studies

Parsons, Michael - Health/PE, Chair

Pawlica, Clarissa - Social Studies

Pearman, Matthew - Administration, Athletic Director

Pelletier, Melissa - Support Staff, Attendance Office Associate

Peregoy, Lisa - Administrator, 9th Grade

Petroski, Paul - School Safety

Pippin, Paige - Social Studies, Chair

Popavic, Bozana - Support Staff, Cafeteria

Pozo, Richie - MSG (R), USA, NCO Instructor, JROTC

Price, Dylan - Science

Quintana, Pablo - World Languages and ESOL

Rai, Bishal - Support Staff, Custodial Staff

Ritchie, Scott - Math

Ritenour, Tyler - Science

Roberts, Trey - Support Staff, Building Manager  

Rocco, Lori - Social Studies

Rogers, Ryan - Social Studies

Rosenow, Rachel - Speech Therapist

Rost, Kristy - Support Staff, Cafeteria

Rowanhill, Andrea - Science, Chair

Rowe, Britta - English

Royer, Chris - Special Education

Rublee, Ken - Special Education

Samar, Chelsea - School Counselor, A-C

Schneider, Dama - Support Staff, Lead Instructional Coach

Shepherd, Paul - English

Sible, Karen - PE/Health

Simms, David - Social Studies

Skelton, John - Social Studies

Sloan, Langley - Social Studies    

Southall, Adam - School Counselor, Mem-Sea

Spence, Sarah - English 

Steppe, Roxy - Support Staff, ISS TA

Stott, Jeannette - Fine and Performing Arts, Art

Strickler, Michael - Fine and Performing Arts, Band

Strong, Julie - Support Staff, Instructional Coach

Sullivan, Brittany - English, Chair, and ESOL

Tamang, Tul - Support Staff, Custodial Staff

Taylor, Travis - Support Staff, Custodial Staff

Thompson, Lauren - Special Education

Timms, Jennifer - ESOL, Chair

Tomlin, Terry - Support Staff, School Nurse

Trent, William - Career and Tech Ed, Chair

Trotter, Andrea - Administrator, 11th grade

Turner-Warren, Jennifer - Special Education

Ulrich, Andy - Support Staff, Instructional Coach

Ulrope, Betsy - Special Education

Via, Dana - Support Staff, Custodial Staff

Wade, Cullen - Fine and Performing Arts, Audio/Video Production, and ESOL

Wahl, Mike - Special Education

Walker, Tracy - PE/Health

Waller, Mike - School Safety

Warren, Thomas - English

Waters, David - Science

Weaver, Joe - Family Services Coordinator

Weikle, Elizabeth - Fine and Performing Arts, Chorus

Wells, William - Support Staff, Custodial Staff

Wendell, Robert - Special Education

Whelan, Kelsey - Learning Technology Integrator

Wilkerson, April - World Languages

Wilkerson, Heather - Support Staff, Sub Coordinator

Williams, Brandon- Support Staff, ABase TA

Williams, Rodriques - Support Staff, ABase TA      

Woodie, Tyler - Support Staff, BBase TA