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Club Sponsor Meeting Location
Adobe Design Club Meade, Jennifer M MOHS G201
Albemarle Together Miller, Sarah N MOHS R202
AVID Club Trent, William R MOHS B210
Black Student Alliance Club Jones, Paul E Cafeteria-Nearest Counseling
Board Games Fisher, Chariya L MOHS P202
Book Club Kessler, Michelle A Glass Room in Media Center
Card Games Club Pippin, Paige M MOHS G208
Card Making Dudley, Katina K MOHS B207
Cheer Club Thomas, Veronica Price A Small Gym
Chess, Word, and Strategy Club Keith, Barry I MOHS G107
Crafts Club Easton, Julia MOHS G204
Creative Writing Club Mound, Shannon MOHS R103
Dungeons and Dragons Rowanhill, Andrea P MOHS R203
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Hatchett, Yulanda T MOHS P108
Film Club Sullivan, Brittany MOHS R207
Film Making Wade, Cullen TV Studio
Fishing club Tapscott, Tucker H MOHS B102
Fishing club Waters, David G MOHS B102
Football study hall Lloyd, Jeff MOHS B107
Gardening Club Smith, Anthony L MOHS R102
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Stanek, Christopher MOHS Media Center
Help Save The Next Girl Weaver, Louise J MOHS G207
Junior Classical League/Latin Club McCaskill, Beverley L MOHS G104
Key Club Tapscott, Ruth H Auditorium
Lettering +Graffiti / Hip Hop Dance Streit, Meghan MOHS R104
Math Club Ritchie, Scott MOHS P107
Military Club Williams, Rodrigues GYM
MOCHA Dudley, Katina K MOHS B209
Monticello Mentors Reynolds, Gwen A MOHS FORUM
Otaku Dove, Jeremy K MOHS B204
Peer Tutoring Club Bailey, Hannah R MOHS P209
Photography Club Garland, Rob A MOHS B103
Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Lindemann, Corinne MOHS P204
Rubik's Cube Club Parsons, Michael P MOHS P106
Soccer Club Morales, Mary M Small Gym
Spanish Conversation Kai, Jamir MOHS G109
The game of Mafia Inman, Kenneth MOHS G202B
Trivia Goodin, Teresa M MOHS P101
Ultimate Frisbee Schafer, Michael B MOHS G210
Walk and Talk Johnson, Leta R MOHS G101
Wellness Ambassadors Club Tatby, Najwa MOHS G101
Yoga Club Csapo, Jennifer Atrium Outside Auditorium
Young Americans for Freedom Ayres, Robert D MOHS R207​