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HMSA Faculty

​Within the Health and Medical Sciences Academy, we pride ourselves in a strong faculty who cares about its students and its school culture. We are all excited about working together with students that share similar career interests and watching our students as they pursue goals of post-secondary education at community colleges, colleges, or universities.

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Academy Director
Mr. Jeremy Dove

HMSA Internship Coordinator
Dr. Lauren Williamson

9th Grade HMSA Instructors:
Mr. Jeremy Dove -HMSA Biology, Biomedicine, Health I
Mrs. Kathryn Bender -HMSA Biology, Biomedicine, Health I

10th Grade HMSA Instructors​
Mr. Geoff Parks- Anatomy and Physiology
Dr. Lauren Williamson -Anatomy and Physiology
Mrs. Corinn​e Lindeman​n -Chemistry and HMSA Research