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Capstone Internships:  Student Information

Internships are an invaluable way for students to develop life skills necessary for career building.  It provides opportunities for students to work in environments of their interest exposing the students to different professional careers in that field.  Having mentors in these fields also allows our students to learn from their mentors.  Students are able to gain information about educational expectations that are required after they graduate from high school.  Many of our students continue on with additional experiences because they gain a lot of experience in the various workplaces.

Starting during the 2019-20 school year Dr. Lauren Williamson will be supervising the HMSA intership program.

HMSA Capstone Internship Program Plan and Goals

Student Expectation Form

Sample Resume

Release and Waiver Form must be submitted to Mrs. Williamson prior to leaving school for your internship.

Capstone Internships:  Mentor Information

Paragraph about internship experience and expectations  for mentors

Mentor Expectation Form

If you are interested in serving as a mentor to our students, please click here and provide us with your contact information.  We are always looking for new mentors for our students.  

Summer Volunteer Information

Apply to be a junior volunteer at UVA or MJH. Make connections and begin to explore different opportunities. Apply between January to Feburary 14th

UVA Junior Volunteer Program: 


Sentara MJH Student Volunteers: