Honor Societies

Monticello High School has opportunities for students to earn membership in ten different honor societies.  You can learn more about each one through the menu on the left.

Honor Society Meetings 2018-2019

All honor societies will meet once per month during Mustang Morning (10:30-11:05).  Unless otherwise stated, they will meet in the classroom of the honor society adviser.  Officers and/or the adviser will send reminders as a back-up to this calendar; members are advised to mark their own calendars. Any additional meetings (for example, prior to a special event) will 1) not interfere with days of other meetings and 2) will be communicated via e-mail and school TV several days in advance.

More specific information about each honor society is included in the links to the left.

Honor Society

Meeting Day

Meeting Location

Executive Officers

Monticello German Honor Society - Delta Epsilon Phi - Deutschehrenverband

2nd Monday of month during Mustang Morning​


President - Cecily Stern

VP - Maggie Morris

Secretary - Olivia Accad

Treasurer - Summer K.

Tutoring - Yehya E.

Fac Sponsor - Mr. Mann

National Honor Society

3rd Thursday of month


President : Eli Keith

Vice President : Camden Luck

Secretary : Halle Berry

Treasurer : Kayla Scott

Volunteer coordinators : Ayana Simpson, Rebecca Nordt, Josie Gawtry

Société Honoraire de Français

1st Thursday of month


President : Camden Luck

Vice President : Erika Riddervold

Secretary : Christine Fernandez

Treasurer : Jessie Duffield

Tutoring coordinator : Caroline Sarpy

National Art Honor Society

3rd Wednesday of month


President: Hannah Thomas

Vice President:  Lillian Encarnation

Secretary: Cara Delaney

Treasurer: Gabby Whitford

Historian/PR: Nicole Beverage

Spanish Honor Society

First Thursday of the month



Carla Betancourt

Vice president:
Ben Whearty


Andrew Tamberrino


Anabelle Cioara

Tutoring coordinator:
Julia Anderson

Science National Honor Society

Fourth Thursday of the Month


President: William Lee

Vice President: Caleb Evans

Treasurer: Kevin Cooper

Secretary: Lillian Encarnation

Tutoring Coordinator: Caroline Sarpy

Latin Honor Society

First Thursday of the Month


Presidents: Lizzie Heck

Vice President: Ciaran Rivera

Treasurer: Wren Jenkins

Secretary: Kendal Dill

Tri-M Music Honor Society

Second Tuesday of the Month


President: Julia Landis

Vice President: Hannah Thomas

Secretary: Summer Khaswan

Treasurer: Kevin Cooper

National English Honor Society

Second thursday of the month during mustang morning


President: Eli Keith

VP: Zoe Levin

Secretary: Cara Delaney

Treasurer: Grace Hallowell

National History Honors Society

Launching this February


President: Alex Labus

VP: Brandon Caramanis